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IQSnap -

Welcome to IQSnap - the on-line game site which entertains and educates at all levels of ability!

So far we have two mathematical games available:

IQSnap Original

This evolved from an home-made family card game I invented to expand my children's grasp of mathematics. Depending on the settings you apply, you can make it fairly easy, or fiendishly difficult! But whichever way you play, it will work wonders in raising your mathematical ability and that of your friends and family.

IQSnap Arithmetic

This game evolved from IQSnap Original, and is geared towards the systematic learning and practice of the basic arithmetical operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It's a lot more fun than working through standard sums and rapidly raises the ability to perform mental calculations. Again, you can apply settings that range from the very easy to the rather difficult!

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Future plans

We aim to provide a "server based" version of these games which will enable teachers to create a single set of 'cards' which they can deal to groups of children, and monitor the results. If you would like to be kept informed of developments, please get in touch giving us your contact details. Release is expected in 2012.


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