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How to play IQSnap Arithmetic

IQSnap is a card game in which you test your skill at matching numbers to make 'Snaps'. This version of the game is designed to develop skills in arithmetic and numeracy: adding, subtracting, multipying and dividing.

You can choose:

When you have made your choices, click on "Start" to begin the game and a 'deck' of question cards will be created with your sums. Then click the "Play" button to show the first question card.

Beneath the question card, successive answer cards will appear. When you see the right answer, click the "Snap" button. If you are right, the next question card will be played. If you are wrong, the answer cards will continue to be played - but with any answers you wrongly chose taken away.

You can also:

You score points as follows:

To start again at the end of a game click the "Start" button. You can also use the "Start" button during play - this brings your current game to a end without showing your score.

Keyboard shortcuts

Instead of clicking the "Play", "Snap" and "End game" buttons, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  Deck size: 0    Cards played: 0    Cards left: 0  


Setup help ... Use these controls to set:
  • what kind of sums you want to do (adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing);
  • the range of numbers to use in the sums (in division, the 'dividend' is the number that is divided, and the 'divisor' is the number you divide by);
  • how many question cards to make;
  • the interval between answer cards (in seconds, minimum one second)
  • whether or not to lose points for incorrect snaps (some people really don't like losing points!).
AddTake away
Lowest question
Highest question
Lowest answer
number? (opt)
Highest answer
number? (opt)
How many sums?
Play interval
Q's must include
number (opt)
Or Q's must
include number
Incorrect snaps
lose points?
> > >
  Snaps: 0   Skipped cards: 0   Incorrect Snaps: 0   Total score: 0   Possible score: 0  
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  Keyboard shortcuts: P/p = "Play"; S/s/spacebar = "Snap"; E/e = "End game".