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How to play IQSnap Original

IQSnap is a card game in which you test your skill at matching numbers to make 'Snaps'. First you create your 'deck' of cards, shuffle it and deal it into two hands.

Click the "Play" button to play the first pair of cards, one from each hand. If you spot a Snap, click the "Snap" button. If not, click "Play" to continue. Each 'hand' takes it in turn to play.

You can optionally set the game to play cards automatically. See under "Setup help", below, for details

There are six kinds of Snap:

You win a point for every correct Snap, and lose a point for every incorrect Snap. To deal a new set of cards, just click the "Deal cards" button. This will also bring your current game to a end.

You can also turn all the different kinds of Snap on or off for any particular game.

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Setup help ... First, decide which kinds of Snaps you want in your game. Next, decide on the smallest and largest numbers in your 'deck'. Click "Deal cards" to shuffle and deal the cards.

We advise starting the deck with 2 (1 gives a Snap every time). If you're a beginner, best end with a small number, and increase the deck size as you gain experience. IQSnap works with numbers up to 1 million (experts only!) - but allow a few minutes to shuffle and deal the cards!

You can optionally set the game to play cards automatically - just give the number of seconds between plays (this can include a decimal point, eg, enter '2.5' for two and a half seconds). For periods of more than 2 seconds, the "Snap" button will go orange for the last second by way of warning.

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 Keyboard shortcuts: P/p = "Play"; S/s/spacebar = "Snap"; E/e = "End game".